Look What Our Clients Are Saying

“I am so glad to recommend your services. My mother passed away leaving behind LOTS and Lots of stuff that she had accumulated over 94 years. I knew I wanted to keep some of her things but really didn’t know what to do with the rest of it. I was surprised at some of the things that I thought had no value-and even more amazed at the prices you were able to get for them!”

Suzanne Tripp
March 2009

“I have recommended DejaVu’s services to my clients, friends, and family throughout the years. Darlyn is very knowledgeable of many different art collections and furnishings. Daryln helped me with my own garage sale and pointed out items of value that were more expensive than I thought. She recognized valuable items that I thought weren’t worth much. I will continue to recommend DejaVu to all my clients, family, and friends.”

Kathy McLane
May 2010

“I have been collecting antiques and collectables for many years. Now that I’m trying to downsize, I really appreciate all that DejaVu has done to make selling everything so easy. I appreciate all the hard work and the great prices they were able to get me!”

Chris Craft
August 2010

“I was so pleased with the job that DejaVu Estate Liquidators did with my mothers estate, that I just hired them again because I’m moving. Thank you for all your help!”

Rob Este
May 2012

“My mother’s home was so filled with STUFF and I had no idea what to do with it. My frustration level was so high!!! Dejavu came in and immediately knew what was of value and sold them for so much more than I anticipated. What I liked even more was that you had people in all areas of antiques, collectibles and coins who came in with their expertise and felt like I received great value for my items. Thanks so much for making a difficult job easy!”

Susan Johnson
January 2013

“What a God send your company was! I had so much clutter and needed to downsize. Had no idea where to start and was clueless as to what had value. Loved your service! Your team sorted, called in experts to purchase, had an in home estate sale and even selected some items to send to auction. You took those few things that needed to be donated and saw that I got a tax receipt! And, I didn’t have to do a thing! Thanks!!!!”

Dale Finch
December 2013

“When my job asked me to relocate in less than a month, I panicked! I never thought I would have to suddenly figure out how to sell most of the contents of a 4 bedroom house! My friend recommended Susan and her team at Dejavu Estate Liquidators – I’m happy I took the advice! Her team helped me determine what items to keep and what to sell. In less than a week, a sale was performed and I never even had to take a day off from work to organize anything. Not only did I get peace of mind during the transition but I also received a check for more money than I ever thought I would make from the sale!”

Sabrina Jackson
August 2014

“Thank you so much, Susan, for all your hard work with my father’s estate! My sister and I were in a panic when the other estate sale company we had hired cancelled our contract. We don’t know how we could have ever had the house emptied for the closing without your wonderful staff! Thank Jonathan again for us. He did an incredible job of organizing everything.”

Caroline Manning
March 2015

“I am so grateful to your company. I was so overwhelmed with dealing with my mothers estate. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It was such a relief to just hand you the keys and let you take care of everything!”

Neil Katz
February 2014

“I am so glad that DejaVu was recommended to me! Susan recognized an expensive mid-century desk that I was planning on donating to Goodwill. It was worth over $5000! What a nice surprise! I can’t say enough good things about this company.”

Eileen Sharp
June 2014

“I was very pleased with my experience with DejaVu Estate Liquidators. They conducted a very professional sale.”

Heather Finn
September 2012

“Job Well Done! Thank you so much for all of your help! We were amazed at how quickly your staff was able to sell our items and get our home ready for closing. We have referred you to our real estate agent.”

Paul Stone
June 2014

“My husband and I will refer DejaVu to anyone! We needed to completely empty out my husbands grandmother’s home so that we could sell it. I called a bunch of services but no one would return my phone calls. The whole house was jammed packed with junk and you couldn’t even get into the garage. We envisioned having to make several trips back and forth to Florida just to take care of it. A friend referred us to DejaVu and they were angels. Within a week, the entire house was completely cleaned out and all the furniture sold. It was so nice to get a check from them instead of paying a fortune for someone to haul everything away!”

Katherine Pierce

“Job Well Done! We have referred you to our real estate agent. Thank you so much for the fantastic job you and your staff did at my parents home last minute. We appreciate how considerate and caring your staff was in dealing with my parents. They had a difficult time letting go and everyone was so very kind and thoughtful.”

Paul Swatz
Chicago, IL

“All we can say is WOW! I was so worried that it would not be possible to have the sale and house emptied on such short notice, even though you kept assuring me that it would be. Your staff was not only very hardworking but very pleasant to work with. I have no problem recommending you to all of my neighbors. Thank Jonathan for shipping all of our family pictures to us!”

James Spencer Blackstone
New Jersey

“A very heart felt THANK You Susan for everything that you and your staff did in helping our family settle my mother’s estate. It’s so hard being out of state and trying to handle everything. Having never done anything like this before, it was so nice to have someone like you working with us. I cannot thank you enough for your help!”

Candace Steiner
Newark, New Jersey

“All we can say is WOW! Your staff was just incredible! We loved Jonathan- and you were so right. It was amazing how quickly he was able to cleanout and stage my uncles home for the sale. We couldn’t even believe it was the same place. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Alberta Gianni
Marblehead, Massachusetts

“After attending your estate sales for the past 6 years, my partner and I knew that you were the person we wanted to hire when we decided to downsize. Our passion is “picking” so we collected all sorts of treasures over the years. Andrew and I choose your company over the others because we appreciate how you always run a professional, very organized sale and don’t “give things away”. many thanks for a job well done!”

Drew Cannes
Palm Beach, Florida

“Another Great Sale! Thank you and your staff for EVERYTHING!”

Rita Branson

“Thank you RoseMary from Boston, Susan W and Susan B for doing a wonderful job liquidating my condo! Your professionalism was very much appreciated!”

J Readon
Winthrop, Massachusetts

“Susan, just a quick note to thank you for all your help. We did not hire your company because you were more expensive than the company we did hire. What a mistake! They left us in a bind and my sister and I really appreciate you helping us out when they failed to complete the contract. Sherry, the real estate agent you recommended , did a great job and we will refer her. Jonathan was so helpful and easy to work with. I am so sorry we didn’t hire you in the first place but Leslie and I are very grateful that you came to our rescue.”

Amanda King
Mansfield, Texas

“In the past year, you and your staff have become part of our family. Thank you so much! Jonathan and you went above and beyond in visiting Dad to make sure he was ok. My brothers and I weren’t able to visit as often as we wanted, but felt good that you were watching out for him. Thanks for saving the Lalique!”

Karen Schultz
Camden, Maine

“My niece used your services last year and raved about the job DeJaVu did. My sister was an incredible hoarder and she was very impressed with how beautifully your staff staged the home. I was impressed by how well both sales went. Thank you again for all of your help!”

Patsy Stewart
Atlanta, Georgia

“Losing my father was incredibly stressful- and trying to go through his things was just too much for me to cope with. I really appreciate your help and kindness in helping me get through this very difficult time. Thank you so much for saving his war medals. We looked everywhere and could not find them. You have a great service and very much needed.”

Melinda Posner
Cherry Hill, NJ

“I can’t say thank you enough to you and your staff for everything you did to help settle my aunt’ estate. We are so grateful that your staff went above and beyond in helping us. My husband and I never expected you to find us a realtor and sell her home so quickly. It was such a relief to not have to worry about paying all the homeowners fees anymore. And who would have ever thought that ugly cocktail table was worth $4500! I am so glad my husband didn’t throw it out!”

Leslie Moore
Austin, Texas

“I’m sorry it took me so long to write you this email- but I did want to Thank You and Jonathan for all that you did! My husband and I had no idea that his mother had so many valuable things in her apartment. When Jonathan turned over all the gold necklaces she had hidden under her bed, we were shocked. Pat and I had no idea that she even owned them. I have to say that Pat was also very impressed that Jonathan also left the money he found in the refrigerator. Thanks for the “cold” cash!”

Claire Bernstein
Salem, Mass

“We are very grateful to the staff at DeJaVu Estate Liquidators for all of their hard work liquidating my parents home. My husband and I anticipated it taking a year for our house to sell. Susan Bender, the owner, recommended a real estate agent that she works with and the house sold at full price in only 3 days! Because it was a cash deal, the new owners wanted to close in 2 weeks. We were incredibly stressed out and never thought it could happen. Susan was able to find us a mover and a lovely young lady to help us pack up the things we wanted to take with us. Her staff handled all of the rest. We very highly recommend DeJaVu Estate Liquidators and Susan.”

Happy DejaVu Customer

If you need to have an estate sale, I would highly recommend Dejavu in West Palm Beach. I have been following their estate sales for many years. They have a very friendly staff and are very professional. I used to get a little upset with the owner for sticking firm on her prices and not having a half price sale the second day like everyone else does. But when I needed to relocate back to Toronto to take care of my elderly parents, DejaVu was the only company I called. They did an incredible job and I was very pleased with the end results. Christina is very funny and knows a lot about jewelry. I didn’t realize what I really had until she showed me!

Trying to organize an out of state estate sale as well as handling all of the other aspects of closing out an estate is very stressful. I really have to thank the entire staff at Dejavu Liquidators for all of their hard work! It really made my life easier.

Happy DejaVu Customer

“I had a very pleasant experience with them handling my estate sale. Everything was very organized and the owner was very professional and caring. She kept in contact with me about all sales. The record keeping was impeccable! “

Hannah Starks
Sept. 2016


“All I can say is that I am so glad our real estate agent told us about you. You provide a much needed service. And your store is amazing. Bob and I really enjoyed meeting your staff and will refer you to everyone we know. Thanks!”

Jeff Lipton
May 2017

“Just a quick note to thank you and your team for a job well done. This was a very stressful time for our family and we appreciate everything you all did to make it so easy and stress free.”

Marilyn Santos
June 2017

“Your team really needs to think about moving up to New Jersey for the summer months.  They could really use a company like yours up here! Thank you for making our move so easy.  We are referring you to our broker.”

Mary Wilcon
June 2017

“Susan and the DejaVu team were recommended to me, and I was not disappointed! They put me at ease and handled every single thing I had done. Thanks DejaVu!”

Tim Greene
March 2016

“Top notch Estate Sale Service! Susan and the team are the best in the business! Thanks for everything DejaVu!”

John Johnston
October 2016

“DejaVu! Thank you to Susan and the team for everything you guys did! I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for estate sale services. 5/5 stars!”

Sandra Martin
Aug 2016

“DejaVu Estate Liquidators is an amazing service. I trust them to perform my Estate Sales and take care of my liquidating. Thanks for all you guys do!”

Jan Velen
Aug 2016

“I had to do a last minute move and Susan was very accommodating, making sure everything was organized and done on such short notice in a timely fashion. It made my life so much easier, considering I was pressed for time! Thanks so much!”

Scotty Rudnick
February 2017

“Couldn’t ask for anything more. Loved the people here super nice and down to earth people. They answered all questions i had about anything. Thanks again for the help”

Hannah Sisco
March 2017

“It has been a true pleasure working with you. You have made this very easy on me, in a time of grief and I cannot thank you enough. The way in which you conduct your business is top notch. I appreciate the open line of communication, beautiful set up and the way in which you administered this sale. If you ever need a business reference, please do not hesitate to have a potential client get in contact with me, I would be happy to do so.”

John Stokes
March 2017

Deja Vu is a company I would say has been built on hard work, fair deals, and all of the elements needed to succeed in a well managed business. Under the leadership I call CEO Susan a person driven by helping everyone Deja Vu comes in contact with.
Deja Vu is always a very fair priced leader in the items they offer.
Thanks, Ken

Ken Miller
April 2017

“Thank you for the excellent work you did liquidating my relative’s estate. From the very beginning, your friendly, professional manner and quick, reliable service took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Pat Whaley
March 2017

“Thank you for the excellent work you did liquidating my relative’s estate. From the very beginning, your friendly, professional manner and quick, reliable service took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Maura Baker
Feb. 2017

“My mother moved into an assisted living facility and they were INCREDIBLE! All we needed to do was take what she wanted to keep and they handled the rest! It took so much of the stress off us of having to deal with a house full of items she had collected over 35 years. We found the staff to be very caring and professional.”

Carolyn Burgess
April 2017

“I could not have made a better choice than DejaVu Estate Liquidators to help me liquidate the family estate. I am so pleased knowing that there are honest people to do a job so personal in a time of loss. Thank you and your crew for a job well done and people can contact me anytime for a reference.”

McKinnon Lee
Feb. 2017

“Susan conducted two sales for my wife and I this year. I can only say that she is very organized and diligent. She gets the people to the sale and she has the expertise to price and effectively sell. She takes care of all the details including providing for final wrap up such that everything is cleaned out and taken care of. We highly recommend his services.”

Grey Mills
Feb. 2017

“I can’t say thank you enough to you and your staff for everything you did to help settle my aunt’ estate. We are so grateful that your staff went above and beyond in helping us. My husband and I never expected you to find us a realtor and sell her home so quickly. It was such a relief to not have to worry about paying all the homeowners fees anymore.”

Amanda Wells
Feb 2017

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.”
~ George MacDonald ~