How to Conduct an Estate Sale

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An estate sale does not necessarily entail you to sell an estate. Another fact that needs to be considered is that this is very much different than the typical garage sales. So, how is an estate sale conducted? When you do an estate selling, you hire a certain company to manage the event for you. They are tasked to sell every single item that you put up for sale. You don’t have to do the actual selling of the items. But there are certain preparations that you must make to make the event successful.

Initially, you need to make an inventory of all the things that needs to be sold. When you are done making a list of the things, you need to determine how you will dispose of them. Hiring a professional organizer to help you with the estate selling is also essential especially if you don’t have the spare time to do the organizing. An organizer will be very helpful in suggesting what to keep, what to sell or throw away. When you start looking for an estate sale company, you have to interview at least two. Always check for the business license. It is always desirable to deal with the professionals. Discuss with the company the estimates on the money you’ll earn, their service fee and the time it will take for the property to be sold. Some may have advertising strategies and you need to ask details about this one.

You need to base the selection of the estate selling company on the expertise of the company in managing this kind of job. It would be helpful if you see client recommendations to help you determine if the company can provide quality services. There is always the tendency that the items will not entirely be sold so you have to inquire about the company’s after-sale procedures. There is always that option to donate unsold items to charity which is better than throwing items in the trash. So, once you have decided on the important matters, you can now draft the contract to be agreed by you and the estate selling company. You have to make sure that it will cover all the aspects of the sale.


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