Estate Sale Treasures

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My husband and I went to an estate sale this weekend. We arrived during the last hour of the sale when everything was marked down to half price. There wasn’t much left but I still managed to find a red tablecloth for $1.70. I walked around the rather empty house, trying to avoid a surprising number of people still looking … Read More

Estate Sale Business Makes it Easier to Liquidate Assets

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A professional estate sale business can make the often difficult process of liquidating assets far simpler for the individuals who are involved. These companies can assist in planning the auction, establishing a timetable for the project, and maximizing profits at the same time. In addition, the services being provided will be customized to meet the unique needs of the situation. … Read More

Estate Sale Buyers’ Decorum

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This article is devoted to estate sale shoppers in order to help them get the most out of sales, detailing suggested behaviors during and after the sales. The list items below serve only as a guide to help assure a more enjoyable experience for buyers and estate sale hosts alike. It’s a great guide for first-timers and veterans to print … Read More

Hiring an Estate Sale Liquidator Company

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People often don’t know where to start when dealing with a lifetime of possessions. I see it so often. An estate liquidator many times has the knowledge and resources to liquidate an estate. Organization is the key. They will know how to arrange items and how to group like items together. They will know what to keep and what to … Read More

How to Write a Good Estate Sale Contract

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One does not need to own an estate to have an estate sale. Estate sale or estate liquidations are usually done when a family member passes away and the surviving family decides through a will of the deceased, to dispose of all or a substantial portion of the deceased member’s properties and belongings in which the proceeds of such sale … Read More

Organizing Estate Sales For Higher Profits

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Estate sales usually occur due to the death of the owner of the estate, family downsizing, or foreclosures. Unfortunately, estate sale planning is not easy, specifically with large estates. In many circumstances, it is in one’s financial interest to consult an appraiser and estate sale professionals, including legal advice as the benefits gained from their expertise can outweigh the costs … Read More

DejaVu is Hosting a Wine Tasting Event July 1st

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Start your 4th of July weekend the right way! Come join us at the DejaVu Showroom for an enjoyable evening with wine tasting, entertainment, and prizes. We’ll also be hosting a food drive to benefit the Lord’s Place. Bring in a canned food item to donate to this wonderful charity.   Join us at 4086 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, … Read More

12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better

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I hate to break it to you, but designers don’t follow a secret rule book. There are no hard and fast laws governing what we do. We are creative types by nature and love to imagine, dream and explore, following our intuition. That said, there are some rough principles that guide us to ensure a great result every time. They … Read More

DejaVu Design Center donates food to The Lord’s Place to Benefit Homeless Community in Palm Beach County

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PRESS RELEASE DejaVu Design Center donates food to The Lord’s Place to Benefit Homeless Community in Palm Beach County PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL.- The DejaVu Design Center recently organized and hosted a Grand Opening Fundraiser to benefit The Lord’s Place, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to changing the lives of homeless families and individuals in Palm Beach County. A resounding success, … Read More