How An Estate Sale Can Benefit Your Move To Assisted Living

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Getting older is a fact of life. It is going to happen to all of us at some point and each person handles this process differently. As we get older and reach a point in life where it is better for us to have some extra help there are a few paths we can choose. Some of us may go … Read More

Invest In Your Future: Operation Backpack Event

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Operation Backpack Event DejaVu

Do you remember your first day at school each year? Do you remember the excitement you felt having that new backpack slung over your shoulder with the latest character plastered all over it, all those new school supplies stuffed in there ready to show off? Can you visualize the cool new folders that have your name neatly printed on them, … Read More

8 Tips – When A Loved One Dies & You Are Responsible For The Estate

DejaVu Estate LiquidatorsGeneral JUNE 18, 2017 | JULIE HALL 1. When a loved one has passed away and you are responsible for handling and eventually liquidating the estate, change the locks on the estate immediately to prevent unscrupulous heirs, neighbors, etc., from entering. While this will ruffle some feathers, it is the right thing to do to protect the assets from disappearing. … Read More